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                                                                              Bow Hunting

Embark on a journey of a lifetime and experience some of the best bow hunting that Africa has to offer.  Bow hunting safaris are undertaken throughout the year but we recommend  the dry months July to November.  All our bow hunting concessions are exclusive bow hunting areas. We hunt manly from well established blinds around waterholes and also walk and stalk. Our team of well trained professional hunters and trackers will dedicate themselves to provide you with a memorable and exciting bow hunting adventure. 

Each Province has different regulations regarding dangerous game bow hunting. Do not hesitate to ask us to supply you with the latest regulations before confirming a hunt. Bow hunting allows you to see the world and wildlife in unique ways. Each bow hunt you experience and animal you pursue is a new adventure because you never know what you'll see or run into.

The number of bow hunters entering South Africa is rapidly increasing, and more and more outfitters are catering to their specific requirements. Bow hunting in most provinces is done under special permit which will be arranged by us in advance of your hunt. There may be restrictions imposed on species of animal that can be bow hunted and on the standard of equipment required.

Minimum recommendations.

Draw Weight Arrow Weight
Small game 40 lb 400 grain
Medium game 70 lb 550 grain
Buffalo, 80 lb 700 grain.

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